Our Approach

We pursue your business objectives with research founded in the science of psychology and human information processing. Toss in a little economics, sociology, anthropology, and marketing science. Our recipe for your success starts with the three core facets of human behavior.


Humans are emotional creatures. They drive our behavioral and actions more so than any rational or considered decision. Uncover the emotional connections people have inside your category.


Understand more deeply what is going inside the heads of your audience. We dive into non-conscious connections across the elements of the consumer experience using statistics and experimental approaches.


Uncover motivations and barriers to action. Use a decision science study like discrete choice to assess how your audience actually makes decisions in your category.

Our Services

Fuel your growth with insights about your audience, about your brands, or about your products and services. Feel more informed about your category, competitors, and customers with data analytics. Feel empowered to act through one of our creative workshops.

We customize every engagement to your business objectives and the questions you need answered to pursue them. Our capabilities span from focus groups and online diaries through brand awareness and discrete choice studies.

Audience insights help you better understand who your best customers are, where they are, and what they need.

Brand insights help you see who you are from the customers’ perspective and where you fit in the category. Brands live in the hearts and minds of the audience.

Product insights provide you with the information you need to pursue innovation and optimization as your audience’s desire shift.

Data analytics give you the opportunity to assess freely available information via your own data or publicly-available sources (including competitor websites).

Creative workshops engage your team to bust myths and look for the opportunities in your category, organization, and brands.

On Creating Insights

Thoughts About Marketing Research

Death to NPS

If you could only ask one question of your customers, what would that be? Satisfaction? Likelihood to recommend? Likelihood to repurchase? What if I told you that all of those are the wrong question?

Sales Babble Interview

I was recently interviewed by Pat Helmers of Sales Babble. That interview (#209) is now up Sales Babble’s website. Please go have a listen. https://www.salesbabble.com/market-research/

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