Are you using the valuable data that your business has in-house right at this minute?

More than likely there is freely available and vital data inside your systems that you can leverage to improve how your business functions. You can fuel your growth without having to acquire more data.

Likewise, there is readily-available data outside your systems that give you insights about your market and your competitors.

Talisman Insights can help you by developing insights from your database and secondary research sidestepping the cost of respondent acquisition.

Let Talisman Insights undertake a review of your competitors. We will conduct a series of in-depth interviews with your internal stakeholders to learn about your category and the organizations that you consider to be your competition. We will then scour the Internet (for publicly-traded companies SEC and other required reporting) to build a picture of your competitors’ strategies, marketing conceptual spaces, and revenues (where possible). This may also be completed as part of a brand/business strategy workshop or other internal initiatives.

Like an audience segmentation, a customer behavior segmentation parses your customer base into its underlying groups. This can be completed as initial step towards a full audience segmentation exercise or as an exercise for understand to identify your best customers and target them demographically. Pair this service with a customer experience study for the best effects.

In an era of omnichannel marketing, a good strategy is to understand how all of your channels contribute to lead flow and revenue. A channel where conversion is low may actually support lead acquisition in other channel due to halo effects. Talisman can conduct feasibility analyses to determine if your lead data can be used to assess the efficacy of your media mix and model more optimal outcomes based on spend to date.

Ultimately, you want to move people from being an audience member (someone you communicate to) to a prospective customer (someone thinking about buying from you) to a customer and ultimately a repeat customer. Lead scoring models your prospective customers based on the smallest possible units of data (often census blocks) to better understand where the best leads come from demographics and which channels that they use to find you.