Talisman Insights offers a wide range of capabilities from qualitative to quantitative. In additional to data analytics, a short list of what we can do is below.

Audience/Customer Discovery

Learn more about your audience, your targets, your customers, and employees with:

Customer / User Experience: learn what drives purchase and loyalty Purchase / Decision Cycle Insights: what are the motivations and need-states that lead to purchase of your product.
Segmentation / Audience Definition: who are your best customers? Where can you find more? Custom Employee Experience / Engagement: what brings your employees to work everday? What is their lived experience of your brand and business?

Brand Discovery

Learn more about what drives your brand. Talisman offers services to help you understand your place in the market with:

Brand Tracking: how does your brand fit into the competitive landscape. Creative Platform Testing: how does your new big idea for marketing content play with consumers?
Name Research: insights on how to align your product and the need-states it meets with a label for communication Shared Values Workshops: brands are more than just the benefit of usage, they are expressions of our values. What values do your consumer hold? How can you share their values in a way to build brand loyalty?
Verbal Strategy / Positioning: what is the best way to communication you value proposition to consumers?

Product Discovery

Learn about the key drivers of purchase in your product, the product extensions your brand can offer, and how to optimize your products with:

Attitude, Trial, & Usage: what is the lived experience of your brand with consumers? How does your brand fit in the marketplace? Creativity / Ideation Workshops: moderating internal workgroup to help drive towards innovation and new ideas to drive business.
Decision Science (e.g., Discrete Choice): advanced survey and statistical techniques that go beyond simple top 2 boxes. How people trade-off elements or decision drivers to help model in-market behavior. Product Concept Testing: how well do you new or revised product ideas play with consumers and customers?
Innovation Insights: what are the features and benefits that drive value? What new features can drive new benefits? Where can you pull back capital spend in order to focus dollars against what drives the bottom line?